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We help Real Estate professionals and investors source motivated seller leads that are high quality. Our proven system has helped many pros, like yourself, to grow their business.

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    Your #1 Source for Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads

    We Provide the Leads that 95% of Real Estate Investors Don’t Know About that Will Drive Profitability to your Business!

    Our Leads Are Sourced From the World’s Most Recognized Financial Institutions

    Our 21 Motivated Seller Leads Program Includes: 

    • An Exclusive List of the 21 Motivated Seller Lead Websites That Most Investors Have No Clue About! 
    •  Step-By-Step Training Video with A Behind The Scenes Deal-Filtering Strategy That Finds Deals In Less Than 10 Minutes!
    • 100% FREE 3D Virtual Website Where In A Matter Of Seconds, You Can See Any Property, Anywhere In The United States!
    • All Allowing You to Easily Get Better Information to Drive Profitability to Your Business!

    Our Success Stories

    The SWIPE File contains so many leads that I had no idea existing, even after 10 years in the industry.
    It’s my go to for my company’s lead generation.
    Chris Anderson
    CEO at Georgian Sales Homes
    Finding new leads has been getting increasingly harder… this SWIPE file helped me launch my full-time Real Estate business, and now two years later I’m still ONLY using the leads this file gave me for FREE!
    Juliana Stewart
    Real Estate Investor – Stewart Investment Properties

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