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Watch This Short Video: Learn A System That Will Have You Doing 5, 10 & Possibly 100 Deals Per Month!

Note:  The above video refers to a price of $67 for the 21-Day Real Estate Bootcamp.The $67 offer was only available during the 21 Day Real Deal Fast Track Systemcheckout process and has now expired.  The NEW, still low $97 investment fee, is ONLY available on this page.

yes! i want to invest in the 21 day real estate bootcamp and take you up on the “2nd chance offer” for a single payment of $97!

Single Payment of $97!

Yes!  I’m ready to learn from InvestorComps the exact steps and strategies of investing in real estate using the 21 Day Real Estate Boot Camp and finally get a deal done to make the money I always wanted for myself and my family.   I’m excited to get the complete system that will walk me through the entire process of doing real estate deals within a three week period.

I understand that I am investing $97 for an instant access to the entire digital Boot Camp which is a sound investment I can make to accelerate my growth investing in real estate and still have a realistic expectations of results.  Because I am investing in this system today, I get the following options as part of my investment:

Complete Instant Digital Access to the entire 21 Day Real Estate Boot Camp inside my very own members area. Since this entire 3-week digital Boot Camp is fluff-free, I’ll be able complete the training within 3 weeks & start making offers today.

Immediate access to InvestorComps property valuation online software where I’ll be able to run 5 complete property valuation reports for the next 21 days. These complimentary bonus valuation reports are 100% free and after 21 days, I can continue running 5 monthly reports along with monthly calls-ins, training webinars & live support at a discounted rate or $49.97/mo. There’s no obligation & I can cancel at anytime.

I’ll get Immediate access to all of the required resources, videos, inspection checklists, step-by-step processes & editable word documents of all required contracts including the Investor Comps Online bullet-proof Purchase & Sale Agreement that I can use & follow along just like hundreds of other real estate investors before me.

2nd-CHANCE DISCOUNT: I understand that by completing the checkout right now, I lock in a low “2nd chance” price of $97 instead of the previous one-time offer of $67. If I leave this page, I may not get the same price again.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I am protected by InvestorComps 100% IRON-CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason, I don’t think that this system will help me reach my goals, any reason at all, I can get 100% of my money back by either calling 678.318.1773 Ext 3 or by going to your support desk @ http://icosupport.com. No gimmicks, tricks, no questions asked.

​Single Payment of $97!

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