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What If I Give You Access To The Complete REO Deal Training for 1/2 Of The Price Today?

Yes! I want to upgrade my order to include the Complete REO Training System by splitting into 3 payments of $99 each, 30 days apart with the 1st Payment today!

Split Into 3 Payments of $99 Each 30 Days Apart with 1st Payment Today!

No, Thank You! I Don’t Want To Split Into 3 Payments. Take Me to My Download Area.

REO Deal Training System Allows YOU, a Real Estate Investor to Scoop Up Bank Owned Properties For Pennies On a Dollar & Make $5,000 to $20,000 Per Deal IN 30 to 60 Days While Spending 3 Hours of Time on Each Deal!

First, I want to CONGRATULATE YOU!Obviously, you are a person who takes massive action and that’s a rare characteristic. …Especially in real estate! And having coached hundreds of investors, this is the one trait I look for in people. Because this trait creates successes!

And it shows me that you are serious about your future and truly want to become financially FREE!

So, thank you for being who you are and congratulations! And because of that, I want to give you one of my best trainings for FREE!

Imagine being able to look at a property listing or walking into a house and within minutes, be able to appraise that house better than 95% of professional appraisers out there. Just that one skill will instantly put you in the top 3% of investors in the country. 

You see, golden real estate deals with lots of profit get snapped up very quickly. Sometimes, you need to make a decision on a property right there on the spot. Otherwise, someone else will steal that deal

And that ‘split-second decision‘ is directly related on whether or not you can appraise a property quickly. I’m not here to toot my own horn, but you won’t find a better real estate appraisal training program from any guru, anywhere in the country.

Because they were never an Appraiser, I was, and they do not have 15 years of experience with almost 10,000 appraisals under their belt. Also, they do not run one of the most successful real estate valuation services out there, InvestorComps. 

And that’s why I want to give you this training for free! So you are unstoppable and able to evaluate any type of a deal that’s out there. 

Because now that you know how to have a real estate business that’s setup to run for you, you may want to expand it even more to other types of deals, right? And the types of properties where appraisal training is most beneficial in, are REO properties. Properties where within 30-60 days, you can make $5,000 to $20,000 on a single deal using none of your own money! And you’ll only need about 2-3 hours of your time to do each deal! How cool is that? 

But why would you want to do REOs? 

Well, as you may know REO stands for Real Estate Owned, properties that are owned by the bank. And that my friend, means bigger paychecksfor YOU!

Because for banks, having REO properties that are sitting on their books is bad, really bad


Because the government requires banks to have a certain minimum % of debt ratio and when they have a lot of bad debt, like the REO Properties, they can’t lend money. When they can’t lend money, they can’t make money. So they are willing to discount those properties to clean up their books. 

And how often can you get a $20,000 check in about 30 days, on a house that you spend 3 hours of your own time, without using any of your own money!? Not very ofter, unless you invest in REO Properties

But to do that, you’ll need to do some work because…

  • These leads are not going to find you (sorry but banks are so backed up with bank owned properties that they’re not going to look for you)
  • They are not going to value themselves (but you do get my training for FREE along with 15+ years of experience of nearly 10,000 different appraisals)
  • And those deals need buyers (coupled with what I teach you here, you’ll have them lining up for you each and every day)

So, to get those REO deals, I want to share with you my REO Deal Training System. So, here’ what you get…

The complete REO Deal Training consists of 4 powerful, fluff-free video training modules where you learn the ins-and outs of structure an entire REO deal in 30-60 days.


I’ll show you how to find those hidden REO deals, better yet, I’ll show you how to do a complete REO research review for your entire area. In fact, I’ll show you an online resource where 99.9% of the people you’ll find there will be your potential buyers, buyers that are actively looking for an REO Property. Here’s the thing, this hidden resource is not intended for that purpose and unlike the majority of people who use it, we’ll legally ‘reverse-engineer’ the process to get access to those hidden buyers. This is only available in the REO Deal Training.


We’ll find ‘cash-buyers’ you know, the buyers that will pay cold-hard-cash for a property. I’ll even teach you how to talk to these buyers, exactly what to say and how to say it to get them to agree with you and say yes to your winning offer. 


I’ll put everything together & teach you my exact strategy, step-by-step, on how to make $5,000 to $20,000 on each and every deal you do, in 30 days flat with only 2-3 hours of your time invested per deal. I’ll literally walk you through a live case study, a transaction I recently completed where you’ll see how the numbers work, how I was able to do a ‘simultaneous closing’ and get the bank to pay for the closing costs. You’ll see the actual contact, the closing sheet with all of the numbers, nothing hidden, nothing left out.


I’ll put everything together for you. We’ll recap all the steps, find a real property, make LIVE calls to the seller, put together an offer using our offer letter & even create an earnest money check on the computer. When I first showed a friend of mine how easy it is to create an earnest money check, he literally slapped himself on the forehead. lol We’ll go through comps & figure out the exact offer we will make to the seller (hint, don’t offer more than 82 cents on the dollar for any property.) 

And don’t forget the RESOURCES to jump start…

You get the exact copy of the Offer Letter & Purchase Contract I use in my own business. You just fill in the blanks and send it to your buyer. I’ve spent years of testing & over $10,000 getting one of the top law firms in my state to make these contracts bullet-proof, but you get them here FREE! So don’t change a word or you’ll pay for it, either in having ‘no-deal’ or lower profits! By the way, they’re all in ‘Understandable English’.

Once you go through that training, you’ll know exactly how the process works and be able to go out and do it yourself.

The best part about this training is that you’ll finally discover that this process is not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be.

Isn’t that refreshing?

A Real Estate Training course that doesn’t make things complicated & blow stuff out of proportion just so they can charge more for it.

Here’s how you get all of this right now…

Upgrade the System you already ordered to expand your Real Estate inventory to my advanced “REO Training” System right now for only $197, and I’ll give you Best of ‘Know Your ARV’, a system that I’ve used & perfected from almost 10,000 appraisals over the last 15 years, for FREE! 

And you’ll not only appraise houses like a pro, but make $5,000 to $20,000 per deal in no time!

Make $5,000 to $20,000 per deal in no time!

Split Into 3 Payments of $99 Each 30 Days Apart With 1st Payment Today!

No, Thank You! I Don’t Want To Split Into 3 Payments. Take Me to My Download Area.

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